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ACL Rehab in Sydney

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is pivotal in limiting anterior tibial translation and internal rotation, playing a crucial role in knee stability, especially in sports like soccer, rugby, and basketball.

In ACL repair, the commonly used graft in Australia is the patient’s own hamstring, typically the semitendinosus tendon. This graft is looped over itself to serve as the ‘new ACL,’ compromising the hamstring muscles. Due to the multifaceted nature of ACL rehab and its significance to knee stability, a minimum 9-month rehabilitation process is recommended.

Rehabilitation should be criteria-based rather than time-based. Establishing and meeting milestones, along with appropriate entry and exit criteria for each stage, are crucial. At SportsFit, we’re at the forefront of Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney, specializing in ACL treatment from post-op day 1 to the return to sport.

Our comprehensive approach involves thorough knee testing throughout rehab, providing detailed reports on strengths, weaknesses, and key areas for improvement. Beyond typical theraband exercises, our strength training goes beyond bodyweight exercises. Our running programs are meticulously tailored, ensuring your ACL rehab is not just a routine but an individualized experience.

We’re not just another physiotherapy clinic; we are a dedicated rehab facility, shaping every type of ACL rehabilitation journey. Your path to recovery deserves nothing less than elite standards.

The Staff

The Team Behind the Sydney ACL Physio Clinic by SportsFit

Sydney ACL Physio Edmond Ma

Edmond Ma

High Performance Physiotherapist
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Sydney ACL Physio Jay Kasthuriarachchi

Jay Kasthuri

Sports Physiotherapist
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sydney ACL Physio Sachin Bhat

Sachin Bhat

High Performance Physiotherapist
Strength and Conditioning Coach

David Lambropoulos

Sports Chiropractor Strength and Conditioning and Personal Trainer

Sydney ACL Physio Annabel Ngo

Annabel Ngo

Massage Therapist

Our Facilities

Our Gym Facility Includes

Our facility is one of the best equipped physiotherapy gyms in Sydney

Sydney ACL Physio Technology

All clients will also have access to our exercise software for their rehab planning

BloodFlow Restriction Cuff

BloodFlow Restriction is a relatively new rehab tool that we are exciting to integrate to our ACL rehab program. You can read more about it in this blog here

Recovery Tech

Our facility also includes state of the art recovery technology, Normatec Recovery Boots, designed by Hyperice Australia and trusted by the best athletes in the world


The SportsFit 8 Stage ACL Rehab Program

Sydney ACL Physio Rehab Stages. Post Op rehab

This SportsFit ACL Rehab Program is our inhouse system developed to return those with an ACL injury back to performing better than they were before their injury.

Every person who comes in will have their program designed for them, broken up over 8 distinct stages over the course of 9- 12 months.


Decreased Risk of Reinjury

Pitch Ready has completed over 350 Pitch Ready Clinic tests with a current ACL (and contra lateral) re-injury rate of only 3.2%* for those that normalize capacity testing criteria. This compares favorably to published research which was typically conducted using smaller sample sizes and much higher rates of re-injury. All injury and return to sport data will be the subject of future published research.

what people say about us

User Reviews

Alfons MaurerAlfons Maurer
08:02 09 Jul 24
Very professional service/very friendly/ and also very welcoming I can only recommend this team there are the best thank you Ava for get me moving as quickly as thisAlfons Maurer
Helen MichaelHelen Michael
12:57 08 Jul 24
David really knows what he is doing in treating my Ailments from years of dance and injuries.
Vanessa ToutounjiVanessa Toutounji
12:06 26 Jun 24
Jay is a great physio and I’ve seen him over the period of a month to help with a tennis elbow injury. I love the gym they have upstairs to assist with the physio exercises. I’ve also taken my 12 year old daughter to see Jay last year for a football injury. Highly recommend!
Luke CarterLuke Carter
02:05 12 Jun 24
I loved this program. This was my daughters first experience with a weight program and the instructors were very supportive and informative throughout. I cannot recommend this enough for those wanting to begin weight training
Billy MayhewBilly Mayhew
00:46 09 Jun 24
Great Clinic with really thoughtful and helpful staff. Sachin is absolutely incredible
David LinDavid Lin
22:48 07 Jun 24
Jay was a great Physio, who diagnosed the root of my issue very quickly. He was patient and also prescribed different exercises to help me get back to my routine very quickly.
Simone PeacheySimone Peachey
09:16 03 Jun 24
I went to Sportsfit a couple of years after my initial ACL injury/rehab and I 100% wish I had found the place sooner. Jay was both knowledgable and friendly. He did some initial assessments which gave me insight into my injury and really helped me to work towards measurable goals. Jay helped me to see how I was tracking and I was blown away with the difference after just a couple of visits. He provided me with an easy to follow program to strengthen my knee and drills that were relevant to playing netball to prevent future injuries. I really appreciated that he gave me the tools I needed so that I could continue to strengthen my knee myself in the gym. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for a physio.
07:58 28 May 24
Sachin and Jay were so helpful and welcoming when I first approached them for my ankle sprain. Would recommend them to anyone needing to get back to sports!
June CJune C
04:15 28 May 24
Jay and his team at Sportsfit made sure that I had a smooth recovery and provide great support and ongoing encouragement, great banter and really built a strong rapport with their patients without compromising quality of care.
Riley PRiley P
00:01 28 May 24
Edmond and the team at SportsFit are exceptional in every aspect and helped me in every stage of my ACL rehab. The team provided tailored training plans and exercises which helped me rebuild strength and confidence to return to sport. The knowledge and expertise of the team is invaluable and I couldn’t have done my rehab without them. Would highly recommend Edmond and the SportsfitHealth team for any physiotherapy and rehab needs.
Gianni MusumeciGianni Musumeci
02:46 08 May 24
Very knowledgeable and helped me recover from my injury with professionalism and expertise.
Suzanne TheronSuzanne Theron
06:48 07 May 24
Emily GillettEmily Gillett
00:00 17 Apr 24
I have worked with David in the gym when he was a trainer at Anytime Fitness. When he made the move to his new career I kept him in mind for if ever I was injured.That time came sooner than I thought when I booked in to see him last month. His knowledge in his field, and his professionalism was amazing. I was blown away with the level of information he provided me so that I could better understand my injury.We have been working together now for almost a month and both my injury and my mindset have improved. He has provided me with the perfect balance of theory and practical to improve not only my current injury but to prevent possible future issues with this type of injury.I would highly recommend David and the team at Sportsfit. 10/10!
Ismail KamaraIsmail Kamara
09:33 14 Mar 24
Sports fits is basically one of the best sports rehab and sports massage centre in Sydney.As a professional athlete I have always been struggling with injuries but since I started going to sports fits my injuries problems has settled a lot more better and I have been able to compete pretty much every week with no issues.The staffs are very experienced and they looked after their clients very well
05:39 04 Sep 23
Sam has been my physio for a while now and I couldn’t be happier. His methods aim to get you back on track in a way which suits your own body and not some “generic plan” other physios often provide. Friendly, and professional - always recommend him to my friends and family.
Jess BJess B
10:29 29 Aug 23
Had an excellent experience. I saw Edmond who has been helping me with exercise physiology for my chronic fatigue. I always felt listened to. He was patient and incredibly helpful not just with exercises but in advocating for me and helping me get some more answers for my fatigue. My program was regularly tweaked and tailored to meet my specific needs and goals and I felt very well supported in achieving them.I highly recommend!
Dean HarritonDean Harriton
01:58 24 Aug 23
Jay and his team are very knowledgeable, caring and helpful physiotherapists. They really care for the clients needs and go beyond what’s needed to make sure their patients are being looked after. It’s a positive and welcoming practice for all patients. I have been going for a bout a year now with various injuries and they all have managed to keep me play the sport I love.
perry rileyperry riley
10:08 23 Aug 23
An efficient and professional team with a friendly manner and good communication skills would recommend
Mo RajaniMo Rajani
04:50 23 Aug 23
Jay, Ed, Sachin and the team here are top notch physiotherapists & EP's, but more importantly - they are top notch people. So friendly and fully involved in getting to know their patients which makes you feel valued and like you are in good hands that genuinely care. They really know their stuff too and are across all new research and methods so they can treat as well as possible. In 6 weeks, Sachin and Jay have helped me rehab my hip injury and go from 0 running (too painful) to max velocity sprinting this morning!!! Huge win for me and huge credit to the team. Easily the best clinic in our Five Dock areaOnly downside is they are Parra and Man United supporters.....
Christine LeeChristine Lee
05:04 11 Aug 23
Jay and his team is the best team I’ve ever get help with my injuries from running, and golfing.I started running 13 years ago and I’ve been through every injuries I can get from running and imagine how many physiotherapists I’ve met over the years.Jay helped me to recover from my injuries every single time 10/10. When I registered my race and was running out of time he made my legs and feet working again in time so I could run my race with great results.I introduced Jay to at least 7 of my running mates- they all satisfied with Jay’s guidance and help. 1000% recommended!
I started my rehab journey here in March when I first injured my knee. I took a punt and walked in and saw the tigers uniform so I was in lol then ed spoke and sounded confident as so I was like ok let’s see what this guy can do!. Well I’ve never looked back. I’m still there using the gym and eating the minties! In terms of treatment I give these guys A++ for approach, service, adaptability, knowledge, friendliness, professionalism, alignment to my goals and affordability. The key packages give u all u need to recover and rehab. I come in get my treatment have a laugh, do my gym work and then sit in the Compression boots while working on my laptop it’s bliss, I even had half price massages from annabel to aid the healing process! these guys are so laid back and always greet you with a smile and a laugh. It’s worth getting in there to get your Physio on! Just follow the process and you’ll be back to sport and life in no time! I often see other patients in the clinic too it’s like a community we kind of all know each other now. Pretty cool 🙂 Thanks guys for having ya finger on that pulse and getting me through all them hard times to get me back to racing dragon boats and then to the world champs in Thailand in august! Rehab is life I’m all about it! Never stop always keep moving! Recommend these guys 100% without a doubt. Thanks again! See you tomorrow! 😂Missy
Erin McCormicErin McCormic
21:23 07 Jun 23
SportsFit is a fantastic place for physio. You feel like family when you walk through the doors. The staff are incredible and really know and understand how best to help you. I was able to achieve my goals in rehab with Jay and Georgia! They are the best! I have recommended them to so many people already!